No 30 Day Challenges in 2017?

It's not that shying away from my ABLE principle of "Always Be Learning Everything," but I don't want to force it anymore. 

Don't get me wrong, 30 Day Challenge is a phenomenal format for creating good habits. When you reach a certain level of discipline, though, forcing learning by a set calendar date gets to be too much. 

As long as I commit to continuous learning, I imagine the structure or the timing won't matter in 2017. For example, I already have laid out goals. I've already identified areas of improvement. Now I just need to act. Worry less about the how, and more on the achievements.

In January, I already know that I plan on doing a "Whole 20." It's a slightly easier version of the popular Whole 30 disciplinary eating concept. The desired outcome is to clean up my eating habits over those 3 weeks. The byproduct will be a few pounds lost and a much healthier version of myself. 

I also know I'd like to go through formal training to obtain certificates and or licenses. Again, I'm not going to assign a challenge to this type of stuff anymore. I'm just going to put my head down and get to work. 

Hopefully this new approach will be one that will allow me to document and share my experiences a little easier. I know I wasn't that great at keeping everyone abreast on my progress like I used to on my podcast. 

How do you foresee yourself reaching your goals in 2017? How will you hold yourself accountable? How will you stay motivated?