Managing People

It's pretty cool to think about the industry I am operating in now. It's pretty all-encompassing. 

It's about managing a business and treating employees with the respect they deserve.

There's so much that can be said around that. 

How do you manage policies?

How do you create culture?

How do you hire exceptional talent?

How to build up morale during tough times?

The list is virtually endless. 

And now that I am trying to disrupt an industry like human capital management, it makes a lot of sense to focus much more of my writing on educating business owners on my findings. 

Of course, I will still be publishing leadership pieces on Medium and the NICG Blog, but this is a daily blog designed to share a few brief ideas with a quickness. 

That said, I shouldn't ever be short on ideas in 2017.

Does this mean I won't write freely? Of course not. 

My writing will always remain top of mind. It's just that a lot of this HCM stuff is what will be top of mind. 

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, learnings, and methodologies here. I hope you will have just as much to gain as I will from it.