An Unexpected Pep Talk

My walk with the kids was interrupted last night by a passerby. He noticed the twins and asked me about them. Little did I know that that question would lead to a 45-minute conversation. 

The man looked like he was in his '60s, but when he asked me to guess his age, I knew he was even older. At the age of 82, he was fit and well-aware of his surroundings. 

Without even my asking, he told me all about his secrets to life and health. Here's a summary:

  • Don't eat red meat
  • Always boil chicken (apparently this gets the toxins out)
  • Avoid sugar
  • Don't stress about anything
  • Save money for the future

He then went into more of a macroeconomical and political rant on current affairs. He married his opinions with his religious background and provided a very eye-opening perspective on good vs evil. 

His finest point during this rant, though, was his acknowledgment on how unimportant money and wealth can be. He said you'll have it and you'll lose it. It's just how life works. He compared money to a bar of soap. You'll have a full bar until you lather it enough. When you continue to lather, the bar will become smaller and smaller. As long as you're left with clean hands when it disappears, you'll be able to grab yourself a new bar of soap. 

The lesson here is twofold.

  1. Don't do anything immoral or unethical along the way. 
  2. Keep your mind fresh enough to know what's happening along the way.

Once the bar dissipates, you'll need a clean mind and fresh skills to earn the next bar. Hopefully, this time around though the next bar of soap smells a little bit better to you.