My Extremely Organized Regimens

I'm regimented way more than I thought. I've dissected some of the ways I stay organized, and I've come to find that my well-constructed daily structures are what keep me in line. 

What may seem obnoxious to others has become natural to me over time. I've built habits out of the most important tasks, and have learned how to prioritize the items that require constant attention. 

A few examples of my regimens (both work and personal) are as follows:

  • Send out a social media update every weekday
  • Get to inbox zero every morning
  • Check the (stock) markets every morning
  • Build out my weekly tasks every Sunday
  • Write a blog post every day
  • Log how many accomplishments I have per day
  • Keep track of the movies I'd like to see
  • Monitor concerts/events that are coming into town on a weekly basis
  • Log all music releases into a spreadsheet as a reminder for me to check them out
  • Respond to business leads every day
  • Run automated outreach scripts daily
  • Read blogs/news every morning
  • Update software on a monthly basis
  • Update account passwords on a monthly basis
  • I do 200 pushups daily
  • I play the piano every single day
  • Check website analytics daily/weekly
  • Review accounting/books weekly
  • Make a new financial investment every week
  • Donate to a charity every week

Again, that's not everything either. In between all of these, since the personal items are usually carried out on weekends and after hours, I am in the trenches knocking items off my to-do list. 

If you can learn to structure your life in a way that keeps track of important tasks, attaches a healthy cadence to them, and bakes them into your regimen, you will never feel out of control again. I guarantee it.