Introducing Leggacy

I'm proud to introduce the second innovation of my #16innovations initiative for 2016. 

The service is called Leggacy and I've teased about it in the past.

The plan is to work with new parents in helping them plan for their kids' online future. It's hard and time consuming enough to raise them so the world needs a service that will find your social usernames, create a personal brand, secure domain names, and build a placeholder website for them.

In the future, I foresee a world that relies even more heavily on all our digital footprints.

  • If you apply for a job, you'll be searched for online.
  • If you meet a potential mate, you'll be searched for online. 
  • If you are suspected of any wrongdoing, you'll be searched online.

And what better way to optimize the experience of those looking for data than to control the data, and your own reputation, yourself - at a very early age.

I'll push this concept to whomever I can in 2016. So if you see posts or data points that support my hypothesis, please share them and continue to spread awareness for a service like this.