I Make Websites Make Money

I had the time this weekend to finally catch up on emails from my trip last month. In the midst of doing so, I received a few emails that suggested my personal brand is too confusing. 

It looked sort of like this: 

  • Email 1: Invest in my startup
  • Email 2: Try my product
  • Email 3: Send me a proposal for services
  • Email 4: Come on my podcast
  • Email 5: Solicitation for email marketing services

I really had to look inward while I was assessing my inbox. Was my personal brand giving off too many messages at once? 

I reviewed this website again. And finally, it clicked. 

Online entrepreneur. Marketer. Angel Investor.

It wasn't actionable. It's not emotional. It's not a sales pitch. 

So I changed the tagline of my website to: "I make websites make money." 

It's now almost a challenge to potential clients. PROVE ME WRONG BY HIRING ME.

It's more specific to what I love to do. Yes, I still invest in startups, and yes, I will always create my own projects, but my website visitors should understand that my marketing background and experience is what has made me successful. And questions about marketing can easily segue into investing in those amazing startups that reach out to me. 

You may still find plenty of mentions of my former tagline around the web. I'll eventually update the branding around the web, but both will have to do in the short-term.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this change. 

Oh... And for the record, I added to my "How I Make Money" page because I also received plenty of emails about new projects I'm working on.