Why People Share Online

A recent study was done by a popular social media marketing firm in an attempt to reveal the core reasons people share content on social networks. 

All of the reasons below blanket the principles laid out in Maslow's ever so popular "Hierarchy of Needs."


49% of people cited entertainment

Sharing allows them to thought leads that inform others on great products or services. These potentially encourage action (such as a purchase), but can often be leveraged to amuse.

68% of respondents claimed sharing defines values

This allows individuals to share what they believe in. Put simply, it's personal enlightenment to spread a story of one's self.

78% hope to maintain long-term relationships

Sharing more easily lets people stay connected to those they otherwise may not be able to stay in touch with.

69% feel more self-fulfilled by sharing

Sharing helps people feel more involved wih what is going on in the world. 

84% wish to support a cause publicly

Sharing is a good way to publicly show support for something they truly care about.