Even If It Wasn't Intentional

If you own an iPhone, it won't be long until you'll run into articles like this one that suggests your monthly data bill might be higher if you don't act quickly. There's apparently a new feature that comes new with the update to iOS 9 - and the timing, at least to me, is very curious.

I posted last week about the ongoing heat between the mobile carriers. Could something like a sneaky "Wifi-Assist" feature be something one (or all) of these providers negotiated their way to through Apple? 

Isn't it deception regardless to add a new optional feature and set it on by default? 

I'm not going to go so far to say Apple did this intentionally or that this was a plan for carriers to try to squeeze out a few hefty data bills the next few months, but the observation is undeniable - and the timing is unfortunate for everybody. 

It just goes to show that you can't try to outsmart your customers these days. The internet will save the masses time and time again, because when one person discovers something noteworthy, the rest of the community will discover it soon enough - and continue to spread the word about it .