The Playbill

Have you ever thought about why Playbills exist? It might seem pretty obvious, but it isn't so much so, when you think about how many other types of events choose not to provide patrons with such an asset. 

If playbills are used to inform, they do a fantastic job. But don't they also remove the element of surprise from the production? 

Just imagine going to a concert and expecting the equivalent. You'd receive a program with the list of songs the band will be playing, their biographies, and mentions of the entire crew. How would that change your experience? I like the concept in theory, but don't think I'd enjoy knowing the songs they're performing ahead of time. But maybe I say that only because I'm not used to having that experience. 

Either way, it's always a good idea to leave your fans with something tangible that they can recall to remember your event. With the rise of digital tickets, we can no longer rely on ticket stubs. 

Therefore, I challenge artists to develop a full-circle experience for their productions. Let's take the concept of the playbill, adopt it to other types of events, and make event attendees everywhere more informed and subsequently delighted.