We are Humans

It takes a lot for me to stop everything during a workday to be completely captivated by a piece of content. This week, it has been "HUMAN."

A description won't do it justice, so I have embedded the entire piece (in parts) below for your pleasure. 

The production takes on a life of its own as it attempts to answer the world's most difficult questions. Questions like:

  • What does it mean to be human?
  • What does love truly mean?
  • Are humans evil or kind by nature?
  • What is our purpose on Earth?

If it sounds dense, it's because these are questions some people choose not to take on head-on. The individuals interviewed in the film do, and they tell remarkable personal stories. It's emotional and honest. It's eye-opening and rewarding to watch. 

These are the stories we weave as humans. It's important to try to understand what they mean.