There were a lot of jokes when Google unveiled their revamped logo this week. Mostly, critics laughed about it simply being a change in font. I get that it might be a slight and simple change, but did it make an impact? Yes. Is it still a great looking iconic logo? Yes. 

Reinventions can be tough. Pivots truly make or break us. The important thing to remember throughout the process is to stay behind whatever strategy it is you go with. You'll have critics that tell you you're wrong. Don't listen to them. Keep moving forward.

It's only until you actually fail will you be able to look at your critics and thank them. But by then, guess what? They'll have followed you so much along the way that they will want you to succeed after your failure. Why? Because they want to be proven they were right. 

Nobody wins when you fail. Your critics feel like they win when you're able to recover from a failed reinvention. 

So remain calm. Stay confident in your decision and look forward until you realize you've made a Netflix-esque branding mistake. But those are so monumental that they'll create an amazing story for your marketing team anyway.