Much like what we do with this word, we all interpret things differently. We become inundated with immediate emotion and make abrupt decisions accordingly. 

You and I would undoubtedly pronounce this word differently as well. There are two many vowels, and before we'd check who was right, we'd have no idea. But we'd also be confident in whatever it was that our emotions convinced us the pronunciation was. 

After uncovering the correct answer, we'd make excuses if we were wrong or gloat if we were correct.

This is why the unknown is so scary to us.

Fear of the unknown is a fear of change. It's a fear of being wrong. Changing is hard, and what if we change for the worse? 

However, fear is crippling. And without it, tolerance and acceptance breeds a more open and willing mind. Those minds consist of significantly less fear and are subsequently less cluttered with garbage. 

Free-thinkers are merely a result of clearer less interrupted thinking. We need to teach our minds to process information in this way.