As part of my 30 day challenges, I've continued with a few habits for my daily regimen:

  • Learn something new on piano
  • Learn something new on guitar
  • Do at least 100 pushups per day (not related to this post)

I attribute my ability to continue executing on this regimen to a single resource. It's an app that has simplified daily learning to the point of being a no-brainer. 

The application is called Yousician

They offer a free version that limits you to about 15-20 minutes of exercises per day. If that's not enough, and you'd prefer to learn more quickly, you can pay a small monthly fee to upgrade to an unlimited account. This is for both piano and guitar. 

The thing that makes Youscian so different is the app's ability to understand musical notes through a device's speaker. Because these are musical exercises you are performing, the app must rely on your level of execution. It does this by hearing the notes you are playing and matching them to the correct tone in the exercise. 

It may not be a huge technological advancement, but this is keeping me occupied and entertained with my instruments on a daily basis - even as a free user. 

Since I don't technically need the unlimited version, I've decided to pay Yousician with this promotional endorsement. I know for a fact I will be leveraging their app to teach my children these instruments. Again, it's just one of those no-brainers.