Do You Turn Friendship Off and On?

I love being asked about work/life balance. I also enjoy discussions that question the value of social media marketing.

The two overlap in so many ways. Allow me to elaborate. 

Think about one of your friends. It's a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship because you CARE about each other. There is never a moment where you don't care about that person. Because you like/love them for who they are. 

I approach work the same way. I have a relationship with the value I create. Even when I avoid my work, I continue to love it. And it loves me in return by rewarding me the more I focus on it. 

Now how does social media marketing tie into this? 


Social media engagement is merely another form of a relationship. Ideally, you're connecting with individuals on a personal level. Doing so allows you to sub-categorize your efforts into the same bucket as the above friendship example. 

If you CARE about those you engage online, you will continue to have friends. If you come off as greedy or bias, or a bad friend in any way, you just might lose some of your friends. 

It's all about the value of actually caring.