Whatever you're marketing and/or launching right now....

Stop everything and follow these steps:

Start by intimately talking about it to someone close to you. Get into details and lead with the fact that it is something you genuinely want to work on improving with their help. Keep that informed along the way, but move on.

Talk about it with a few more people. Talk about your mission. Your plans. Ask them for their opinions on it. 

Go back to the cutting room and refine everything based on the agreeable feedback obtained. 

Continue reaching out to your network. Whether it's one-by-one, or in small settings, speak passionately about your work and try to get others interested too. 

Rinse. Repeat.

After six months or so, you should find yourself with an extended rolodex of individuals that are discussing your venture with you on an ongoing basis. This is the best thing can happen to a young entrepreneur. You now have a team at your disposal to amplify your product and vision. 

Build your tribe. Make the connections meaningful. 

Start small. Use that intimacy to garner outside interest.

Selling is about relationships. Be human to your friends and you'll get so much in return.