What Does Vacation Mean To You?

For some, it's not having to go to the office every day. For others, it's not having any responsibilities for a short period of time.  

For us entrepreneurs, it can mean anything we want it to.  

I am one of those people that truly loves what they do. It sounds lame, but every day is a vacation to me. So when I travel with my family for a few weeks, it feels a bit odd. I almost forget what to do without my daily activities.  

It's an outstanding problem to have. Taking a vacation from your daily vacation is an ideal position to be in. I recognize that and never take it for granted. 

For me, it's spending 100% of my time with the people I love the most.  

What does a vacation mean to you? Do you turn off all work-related devices and functions completely? I'd love to here your thoughts.