Like a Penguin in the Water

Not all penguins learn to swim. In fact, some become deathly afraid of the water

It's stories like these that make us wonder what it takes for the mind to learn something that might otherwise be considered as an inherent trait. 

As humans, we learn to walk, but we take for granted the nuances that come along with it. 

Nobody walks the same way. 

Yes, we all move our legs and feet one at a time. But we all sway our arms in different ways. The way we swing our hips might be drastically different. 

All that our elders did was tell us to walk. It was up to us as a child to develop the way in which we wanted to do it. 

We can always accomplish new feats or overcome fears as long as we use another quality we are all given at birth. Bravery. 

It is how we choose to leverage our bravery that depends on how you will walk. Or in the case of the penguin, how she chooses to become more like a typical penguin and learn to swim.