It's a world of buttoned up suits and fluorescent lights. The zombie like creatures walk around the office stiff and clenched, awaiting their next meeting. As an outside observer, you like to believe that the smile you steal from one of them is due to your presence; Or better yet, maybe it's because they are excited about their meeting. 

But then you remember it's the day before a long weekend. These bodies don't care about their upcoming meeting or the passion they forgot to put into their presentation. They solely focus on the clock and the slow minutes that pass by to take them closer to their destination. 

"FREEDOM!," they shout at 5pm. They jump in their cars and drive home. As an outside observer, you hope they have more passion for their family than they do their career, but you begin to second guess the notion. 

In a proper world, a holiday isn't a vacation at all. However, in this inverted bizarro world, it's the currency. It's the lifeline. It fuels movement. 

As an outside observer, I'll never completely understand this world. But boy is it entertaining to witness.