Happy Prime Day

One way to combat the noise online is to create your own topics of conversation. If you already have an audience listening, you can lead them any way you'd like.

This lends itself to the concept of "Creation Marketing" - which is the formation of a supporting asset that supports your main mission. 

The best most relevant example of this is Amazon's development of their own holiday called Prime Day. This is a ploy to capture attention, visits, and new long-term loyal Prime customers. 

The marketing being created doesn't have to be a holiday, however. It can be an accessory to a main product (a watch strap for a watch brand, for example) or more information-based (an e-book on places to visit for a travel agency, for example).

No matter the scenario, the strategy of Creation Marketing is not one to be overlooked. Ship more ideas, products, events, or anything that supports your community, and you'll win the game.