Expert in the Room

Nervousness can be crippling. For starters, those butterflies completely eliminate any self-confidence.

And when it comes to public presentations, nothing could be worse. 

In order to effectively deliver information to an audience, the most important ingredient is confidence.

  • No one will be able to pay attention to your words when they're shaky.
  • No one will believe you if you don't look like you believe yourself.

I like to act like I'm the expert in the room. If I'm being asked to present information to a group of people, it's because I'm best positioned to play that role at that time. Therefore, it's easy for me to convince myself that this specific group of people need to hear my message and that my conviction will win them over.

So when you're the expert in the room, prove it. When it's obvious you're not, resort to listening to those that are. Paying attention to other experts is how you gain the most knowledge.