The Search for Other Planets

I tend to listen to TED talks during my work day. I subscribe to a feed from the TED website and enjoy some remarkable videos every day. I may even start doing "TED Tuesday" posts or something of the sort, just to share the wealth of knowledge with my readers. 

One recent talk that fascinated me immensely was one by Sara Seager. It's called "The Search for Planets Beyond Our Solar System."

I never know how to answer the question, "Do you believe other lifeform exists out there?" I think it's fascinating to think about, and close-minded to immediately say no. But thinking about life is just one of those things that keeps your mind reeling, so I choose not to get to hung up on the possibilities.

I guess that's what smart people like Sara Seager are here to do. And it's exciting to see they're making so much progress on it.