Nice To Tweet You, Google!

Today, Google has introduced a carousel of data exclusively for tweets about any given query. This rollout has definitely been seen on mobile searches, but seems to still be coming for desktop searches. 

So what does this new carousel look like? A screenshot of a hashtag search can be seen below. 


If you perform your own query test, you'll notice that you're able to slide the carousel to the right to view more tweets. Pretty interactive and easy to use. 

Google seems to be using this upgrade for real-time news and events. Therefore, we will just have to wait to see how much weight they put on them in the future. I'm sure they'll test many varieties until they garner enough user data to know what is best for searchers.

What does this mean for website owners?

  1. Make sure you have a Twitter profile.
  2. Make sure you're tweeting often.
  3. Make sure you tweet about relevant news and events. 
  4. Use trending hashtags when you can.
  5. Provide valuable opinions on the topics at hand. The more popular the tweets get, the more of a chance you'll be served on the SERPs.

Too Much Clutter

If this can become a lead generation opportunity for businesses that tweet with relevancy, we will undoubtedly start seeing a lot more noise on Twitter. Of course Google will combat this as as much as they can, but it's the smart companies that will garner the impressions, and potentially engage readers enough to create new conversions (and long-term customer relationships). 

For more information on this change, go here