Wait in Line

Anything worth having requires sacrifice. Higher demand ultimately leads to scarcity. No matter what it is that you want, if it's exceptional, it should be hard to obtain. 

  • A superior product is being released... wait in line.
  • The most enjoyable ride at a theme park... wait in line.
  • The most sought after for-hire consultants... wait in line. 
  • The frantic urgency to escape danger in a crowded setting... wait in line. 

It's the special treatments we get that make these scenarios less of a burden. It's the early signup, the VIP package, the fast pass, or maybe just a better plan that combats waiting.

We don't like to wait for anything anymore these days. So if you see a line, something special must be awaiting the crowd at the front of it. 

Build awareness. Build demand. Build a crowd that will wait for your unequivocal value.