Mobile Ads Keep Adding

Mobile searches have topped PCs in 10 countries.

So as expected, Google has rolled out new ad types to accommodate. 

The newly developed range of ads are intended to be more mobile-friendly, following its announcement that that searches on mobile devices now outnumber those on personal computers in ten countries, including the US and Japan. 

Mobile trends are prompting big changes in the way Google handles advertising as a whole.

These new ad types will be designed to work with touchscreens and with swiping replacing mouse clicks on a PC. There‚Äôs not as much room on a mobile screen for keyword-based ads and mobile users tend to spend less time in a web browser, so Google will display a panel of listings that the user can swipe through.

These new mobile-friendly ads will rely on data and be more compatible with a more omni-channel way of using the internet, as users switch between their devices.