Two Types of People

You hear people say...

There are two types of people in the world.

And then that's usually followed by two polar opposites. Most of these comments are far-fetched and dripping with biased opinions. The outliers, however, are well-grounded and provocative. 

I'm going to be that guy today, but I plan on keeping it simple. My analysis is of the future - for I have noticed macro trends that suggest that we may end up identifying with one of two different types of human beings as we collide with the advent of useful everyday technologies and automation. 

My thesis is:

A person is either an Uber driver or an Uber passenger.

I don't mean this specifically. Not everybody needs to use Uber. I'm simply using Uber as an example of streamlined productivity. 

In other words, I'm merely saying:

You are either an actor or a motivator. 

Still, the mission statement seems a little too broad. What exactly am I trying to bucket people into here? Don't we fall into an economic class? Maybe that's a line that is more clearly defined. 

You actively pursue work or you delegate that work. 

I think we're closer with this one. So what does it all mean?

As the world changes into real-time services, we will need the machine to move in order to take advantage of it. Half of the world will leverage the movement to do something ELSE they're good at because they can afford to do so. The others will leverage the same to actually provide that movement. 

The best way to simplify this concept.... Yup, you guessed it. UBER.

So, there are types of people in this world. 
A person is either an Uber driver or an Uber passenger.
You are either an actor or a motivator. 
You actively pursue work or you delegate that work.