April's 30 Day Challenge

Last month, I successfully played the piano every single day just as I said I would. 

I changed my approach at playing each day. One day, I might have just messed around with scales. The next I came up with a chord progression. Maybe the following day, I'd pull the tabs of a song I was into. 

I am happy to say that I've gotten much better over the month. Thus, I can confidently say the challenge has worked out well for me.

As for April, I'm moving on to a business-related challenge. 

As you can tell from the visuals surrounding this blog post, loganlenz.com looks much different. Well, it was the first task of many. Those many tasks will be merging many of my most trafficked websites into less domains. I'm consolidating.

Call it "spring cleaning" or whatever you wish, but managing hundreds of websites has become quite a chore. And as someone that encourages simplification and automation, I'm not really following my own best practices. 

It will also be a lesson in SEO. I will take dozens of semi-successful websites I run and move them to a subdirectory URL structure under one of my better branded/better SEO domains. In other words, I'm building one single brand a lot more rather than diversifying across many like I have in the past. 

The daily task here is going to consist of working on the new website. I'm essentially redesigning everything completely. I'm also taking other brand names and figuring out a way to co-brand them with the umbrella domain/brand. There will be plenty to do - but I am up for this challenge. 

I can't wait to reveal the final product. Until then, no spoilers. 

Have a great April!