Another UCB Show

A few months ago, I learned that one of my favorite comedy shows of all time, Mr. Show, was being revived for a little Netflix stint. Since then, I've enjoyed the handful of episodes they've produced, and have fallen deeper in love with original sketch comedy.

Coincidentally, one of my other favorite television shows from my childhood, The Upright Citizens Brigade, is returning to television now as well. Well, kind of.

The trailer below reveals that new original comedy covering sketches and stand-up will be available exclusively on a new online content network called Seeso.

The show will be hosted by the 4 founding members of UCB, and will feature live performances recorded at their improv schools.

Seeso now sounds like a worthwhile investment to ensure access to this content. For only $3.99 a month, subscribers will have exclusive content to this show, as well as what looks like a rather impressive list of hilarious originals.

Thank you digital media for bringing back all of my favorites. I couldn't be more excited.