30 Day Challenges in 2016

Friday is the beginning of another year. And since I'm a big planner, I've already laid out my monthly goals and expectations for the year. 

As you should know, I challenge myself every month to learn something new. I usually come up with the task or item just before the month starts. This year, I wanted to try something a little different. 

Here's a complete list of activities I'm going to partake in monthly in 2016:

  1. Learn another language
  2. Record a podcast every day
  3. Write a song every day
  4. Write a chapter of a book every day
  5. Whole30
  6. Write a joke a day
  7. Exercise every day
  8. Learn to brew my own beer
  9. Code every day
  10. Read a book every night
  11. Practice DJ-ing every night
  12. Donate to charity every day

If you listen to my podcast, I'll update everyone on my progress there. 

Good luck with your challenges in 2016!