I've recently become interested in the word "Fugleman."

In history, a fugleman was the individual put in front of a group of people to lead a charge. This could be to provide a demonstration for those following or to literally sacrifice him/herself during a battle. 

Today, a Fugleman is essentially a CEO. It's a CEO's job to:

  • Be the face of the company
  • Represent a vision
  • Focus on a mission
  • Lead the team by example
  • Take the blame for mistakes
  • Sacrifice him/her reputation for the betterment of the company

This, in no way, is an exhaustive list of all the responsibilities of either a CEO or Fugleman. The list continues in perpetuity as ongoing bravery and accountability is displayed. 

I just might change my business cards so that they read "Fugleman." At the very least, it will generate enough curiosity to get conversations started.