The Worst Banking Experience In History

It's been a week since I sent my feedback, filed formal complaints, and tried to rectify a banking situation I have been having with Bank of America. 

I'll let my letter sent to them, which I've pasted below, speak for itself. Just know that I am now pulling all of my business banking accounts away from Bank of America and setting everything up elsewhere. 

You closed my business account for no reason and without warning. It's costed me thousands of dollars in expense and inconvenience since. 
I've been a business banker with you (with no problems) for 7 years. Personally, I'm a platinum account holder and have been with you since college. 
Now you're losing me as a customer because of how terrible you run your business and your communication flow with your customers. 
What you've done here is extremely problematic and negatively impacting my business. If I choose not to sue for damages, I will at least be telling anyone who asks about how awful this experience has been for me and my business. 
I wish you guys luck, but in a customer service driven marketplace, I don't think you're going to make it. 
Maybe I'll just short your stock to try to make back the money you've lost me during this experience. 

If it sounds a little harsh, it's because it's supposed to be. After spending several hours on the phone with their customer service departments, being transferred around with hours of wait time, only to find out that the resolution was that they "have no notes on the closure of my account." 

If you presently bank with Bank of America, I advise you run far far away. Those that know me, can appreciate how terrible this experience must have been for me since I'm writing this publicly. I'm usually not one to share negative reviews. This one was just too unbelievable to me, however.