The Launch of Agony Shoes

I don't think I could be more excited today. 

I've always worked in ecommerce through Iced Tees and First String, but never have I strayed from basic t-shirt designs. 

Today changes all of that. Today marks the launch of my first shoe line. 

The brand is called Agony, and our first design is "The Green Monster." 


All of the details can be found over at our website, where you can now pre-order our first design. 

Moving forward, we will be releasing a new shoe every week throughout the holiday season - so be prepared for that. 

Below, you will find a video of our facilities in Italy going through the shoe creation process. 

I look forward to hearing feedback on what we're doing and welcome any questions about how the pre-ordering process works. 

If you could be so kind, we'd appreciate sharing this news with your fashionable friends. You just might get some free shoes out of it.