I really only just want to put my fingerprints on this video. This is very representative for how I have felt the past year. As always, I leave it to people much smarter than me to articulate and make sense of the cryptocurrency zeitgeist.

February 2018

What's in store for the shorter second month of 2018? Here's what I have on my calendar right now:

  • February 8-10: Podfest in Orlando
  • February 14: Valentine's Day
  • February 18: Puddles Pity Party
  • February 19: President's Day
  • February 23: Keynoting Entrepreneurship at Miami Senior High School

It's going to be a month of buckling down on the projects that I need to focus on and relaxing at home with my family. I'm trying not to overdo myself right now so we'll see how this month goes before I start to plan more events for March.

What do you have planned in February?


Less Meetings in 2018

Success, to me, is getting as much accomplished as possible. Furthermore, it's making progress toward an attainable goal.

I have found that most of the time, meetings get in the way of that. Scheduling meetings just for the sake of having a meeting isn't always necessary.

That's why I'm always trying to find ways to minimize the amount of meetings without purpose. I have designed specific criteria, that when specifying the reasons for the meeting, may actually solve the problem that was to be discussed in the meeting anyway.

While I will keep the above goal in mind, I do battle with it juxtaposing my love for meeting new people and brainstorming ideas with wonderful entrepreneurs. That's why I'm going to keep my calendar open online, and will always encourage 15 minute introductory conversations to see what comes of a new relationship.

If you're interested in grabbing time on my calendar in 2018, you can now book the time over at Meet With Logan.

See you there!


January 2018

What's in store for the first month of 2018? Here's what I have on my calendar right now:

  • Jan 1: New Year's Day
  • Jan 1: UCF vs. Auburn (Peach Bowl)
  • Jan 16: Netflix Q4 Earnings Call
  • Jan 23: The Killers at American Airlines Arena
  • Jan 24: Alphabet Q4 Earnings Call
  • Jan 29: Apple Q4 Earnings Call
  • Jan 30: Facebook Q4 Earnings Call

I greatly look forward to a few other personal events that will be taking place in January. I also can't wait for a month of cooler weather, and the anticipated start of my 2018 baseball season.

What do you have planned in January?


3 Words for 2018

Earlier this week, I looked back at the 3 words I laid out for 2017. They were...

  • Focus
  • Expertise
  • Separation

Before I go ahead and lay out my 3 words for 2018, I thought I'd review last year's words to analyze how I ended up doing.

Starting with focus, I thought I made a giant step away from too much multi-tasking. For me, multi-tasking comes in two different forms. In moments, it's when I'm trying to work on more than one task at a time. Over a time horizon, it's when I'm not completely invested into one project. I did a great job in 2017 only focusing on a few projects and making them truly meaningful.

As for expertise, I was successful in leveraging my focus to hone in on my specializations. My website and social profiles, for example, have been designed to be laser-focused on my abilities surrounding growth hacking startups.

My final word last year was my attempt to figure out work/life balance. Although I did a fantastic job executing this, I dismiss the success due to my utter discontent with the concept of work/life balance. Perhaps I'll expand more on that when I designate my three words for 2018.

The 3 Words for 2018

1) Gratitude: I have made a habit out of constantly reminding myself how lucky I am. I never want to take that for granted. Expressing gratitude is not only a positive movement toward self-awareness, but it inspires infectious happiness throughout communities. Rather than complaining about what we don't have, we should be thankful for what we do have.

2) Journaling: I've been developing a new regimen lately that forces me to physically write down what is on my mind. I also use this practice to set goals and organize my days. I can only foresee positive outcomes from continuing to journal on a daily basis.

3) Listen: The best leaders lead only after they've heard where their followers want to go. In a sense, this means that considering feedback of those around you before making decisions is a non-negotiable. A leader should come to the table without the answers so that he/she can gather enough data to make the decision as a group.

I couldn't be more excited for the year ahead. I have a lot planned so stay tuned to this blog for some exciting news.

What are your resolutions/3 words for 2018? 


Slow Down

Humans tend to want to move as quickly as possible at all times. The nature of keeping busy is to never stop doing something.

Whenever focus is involved, though, it's almost always better to stop what you're doing, take a deep breath, and move slower.

Think about the last time you were proud of something you created. Now think about the creation process. Was it spawned out of urgency on the first attempt? Or did you think about it, filter through your options, and revise it countless times?

I'm convinced that we do our best work when our minds are purposefully honed in on the task at hand. I'm convinced that stopping to absorb information before taking action on it thwarts emotions from intercepting the true intent.

More than anything, I'm convinced that we simply do better work when we don't try to do so much.

So slow down. You're stressing yourself out.


Happiness is Not the Fish

When we catch a fish, it's cause for celebration on the boat.

If you keep catching the fish, it begins to feel redundant and too easy.

Take my word for it...

The most joy you'll get from the fishing trip is leaning into the unknown outcomes.

It's about challenging ourselves with the question "will I catch the fish?" and welcoming that we don't know what will happen.

At the end of the day, you'll be more pleased with the overall experience than you were with the number of fish you got to take the bait.


Be Fierce, Not Ferocious

I've become a huge fan of Jerry Colonna this year. Other than the amazing talk embedded below, there are two snippets of his that speak to me most deeply.

Questions a Leader Should Ask Herself:

  1. What am I not saying that needs to be said?
  2. What's being said that I'm not hearing?
  3. What am I saying that's not being heard?

What Humans Seek:

  • Love
  • Safety
  • A sense of belonging

The Perfect Tweet

Can one tweet be representative of how healthy a company is?

Netflix is garnering attention for a tweet this week...


Here are the many reasons this is amazing marketing:

  1. They care about their metrics. The result of this always leads to better original programming because they know what their customers like.
  2. They have great internal communication. In order for this tweet to exist, their analytics team has to communicate in real-time with their social media team. Many large organizations struggle with this concept.
  3. They aren't afraid of humor. This is a funny and provocative tweet. This is something all companies should be doing to be more engaging, and since Netflix is an entertainment/media company, it suits them well.
  4. It reveals a fun company culture. It doesn't matter that I know people at Netflix that love working there. It's tweets like these that make it a much wider known fact to the public. This, in turn, creates more demand for them equating to better talent.
  5. Fun trolling = Engagement. It doesn't take an expert marketer to know when a company is creating a splash with their content. This is effortless content and it's very engaging. Its mystery makes customers want to call out their friends.

Well done, Netflix.

The Meteoric Rise

I think it's important to share the CEO of Coinbase's sentiment toward trading cryptocurrency.

I love his comparison between AOL and cryptocurrency.

I wholeheartedly agree that you should proceed with caution moving forward. Don't chase a trend.

Over the course of this year we have invested significant resources to increase trading capacity on our platform and maintain availability of our service. We have increased the size of our support team by 640% and launched phone support in September. We have also invested heavily in our infrastructure and have increased the number of transactions we are processing during peak hours by over 40x.

There may be downtime which can impact your ability to trade

Despite the sizable and ongoing increases in our technical infrastructure and engineering staff, we wanted to remind customers that access to Coinbase services may become degraded or unavailable during times of significant volatility or volume. This could result in the inability to buy or sell for periods of time. Despite ongoing increases in our support capacity, our customer support response times may be delayed, especially for requests that do not involve immediate risks to customer account security. 

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the show.


My 10 Favorite Films of 2017

10. Colossal

9. The Little Hours

8. Okja

7. Dunkirk

6. The Lovers

5. A Ghost Story

4. Baby Driver

3. Brigsby Bear

2. Get Out

1. The Big Sick

As a disclaimer, here is a list of films I have wanted to, but have not gotten around to seeing quite yet:

  • Mother!
  • Wonderstruck
  • Phantom Thread
  • The Florida Project
  • Ladybird
  • The Post
  • Columbus
  • The Disaster Artist
  • Personal Shopper
  • Call Me By Your Name

RSS, QR, and Other Acronyms

When I logged into my AOL Reader this morning, I was disappointed to be prompted with a notification that the product would be closing at the end of 2017.

I understand that this is an exercise in passing the buck, but this is getting old. I was a Google Reader user many years before they announced it's expiration. That's when AOL took advantage of the opportunity. Since they're a big company too, they probably now understand why it's not an ideal business to support.

But why is that?

Am I the only one still relying heavily on RSS feeds? 

Technologies that change the internet one day can become obsolete the next. The lack of excitement for an RSS reader reminds me of the rise and fall of the QR Reader. Remember the hype surrounding that?

So here I am - left trying to find my next RSS Reader. Where will I end up and how long will it last? 


CS Education Week

It's that time of year again.

It is CS Education Week.

CS Education Week exists to celebrate the growing K-12 Education movement specific to Computer Sciences.

I personally enjoy the Hour Of Code, which is where the students, teachers, parents, and community members all contribute an hour of code during the school week. This brings everyone together to overcome the struggles to understand the importance of programming.

I will be volunteering to lead an Hour Of Code at a local school this week.

I encourage you to do the same.

Here is a guide on how to help a local school.

Here are some activities you can do for your hour of code.

Here are some ways to volunteer.

December 2017

What's in store for December? Here's what I have on my calendar right now:

  • Dec 1: Shinedown at Revolution
  • Dec 2: Shark Wrecked Music Festival
  • Dec 5: Facebook Investor Call
  • Dec 10: Polar Express Train Ride
  • Dec 17: Cirque Du Soleil Volta
  • Dec 20: School of Rock at Broward Center
  • Dec 24: Christmas Eve
  • Dec 25: Christmas Day
  • Dec 31: New Year's Eve

It's easy to argue that December is the best month of the year. After all, it's difficult to top the holiday season, cooler weather, and the resetting of New Year's resolutions.

What do you have planned for December?


The Hum

Picture your radio dial. Imagine turning the dial to "1." 

What do you hear? 

Only if the song is extremely recognizable, will you even be able to make out what it is amidst the sounds of your car driving on pavement. 

You hear the radio's frequency more than the content itself.

Now turn it up a few to "3." Can you hear the melody now? 

As you continue to turn the dial to the right, your body begins to feel the beat and you begin to connect with the emotional component of the music. 

The hum is still there, but you can't hear it. Why? - Because you're now lost in the moment. Happily consumed by the melodic chaos.

This is what it's like to grow a business.

Once you get started, you'll hear that hum. It won't be clear until you pay closer attention or amplify your message.

The hum and the business are always there - vying for your attention. 

The trick is to get lost in the music as often as you can. 

Once you hear it, you'll feel it.

Once you feel it, others will follow. 

Nobody will notice that underlying hum.


Machine Translating Music

With my background in web globalization, I found this article interesting.

If you can look past the marketing gimmick, there could be something here. I foresee interactive music experiences that span dialect. All the audience would have to do is put on their own in-ear monitors that connect directly with the audio feed of their native language.

Now all of the sudden, the entire world can enjoy one concert - all at the same time.

Possessive Possessions

If you want to see all of the things that natural life accumulates over a lifetime, go to an estate sale. These individuals, regardless of their wealth, possess thousands of items, collectibles, and obsolete gadgets. It's a part of the natural evolution. If you never have a reason to assess what you have, it compounds forever.

But our life shouldn't be built by our physical possessions.

Now more than ever, I focus on what fulfills me and what makes me happy. Slowly but surely, you come to the realization that outside of the necessities, humans don't need much. A true minimalist will argue that you only need a few shirts and one pair of pants.

This newfound sentiment toward not having too many useless goods has me thinking much differently as holiday sales approach. 

I no longer strive to own a new television for 50% less. I don't want the new gadget that I won't use three months later. 

Best of all, I don't want to plague others with stuff they don't need. 

So I'm coming up with better ways to give gifts of value this year.

I feel very liberated this holiday season. Good luck selling me on your product this year. :)


Revealing the Onion

An onion, on its own, can never catch you by surprise. It's big and permeates an undeniable odor. 

Each layer of an onion uncovers something new, though. It may be a new texture, a new color, or even a different smell.

Each situation, each opportunity, and even every person is akin to an onion in this way. Without opening it up and revealing the complexities of what's inside, we're not truly understanding its worth.