Possessive Possessions

If you want to see all of the things that natural life accumulates over a lifetime, go to an estate sale. These individuals, regardless of their wealth, possess thousands of items, collectibles, and obsolete gadgets. It's a part of the natural evolution. If you never have a reason to assess what you have, it compounds forever.

But our life shouldn't be built by our physical possessions.

Now more than ever, I focus on what fulfills me and what makes me happy. Slowly but surely, you come to the realization that outside of the necessities, humans don't need much. A true minimalist will argue that you only need a few shirts and one pair of pants.

This newfound sentiment toward not having too many useless goods has me thinking much differently as holiday sales approach. 

I no longer strive to own a new television for 50% less. I don't want the new gadget that I won't use three months later. 

Best of all, I don't want to plague others with stuff they don't need. 

So I'm coming up with better ways to give gifts of value this year.

I feel very liberated this holiday season. Good luck selling me on your product this year. :)


Revealing the Onion

An onion, on its own, can never catch you by surprise. It's big and permeates an undeniable odor. 

Each layer of an onion uncovers something new, though. It may be a new texture, a new color, or even a different smell.

Each situation, each opportunity, and even every person is akin to an onion in this way. Without opening it up and revealing the complexities of what's inside, we're not truly understanding its worth.




When Going Off-Road

1. Buckle Up

Thie ride is bound to get bumpy.

2. Expect the Unexpected

It's alright if you didn't prepare enough. It will make you more alert. 

3. Use Caution

Don't overdo it. Save your energy for the entire journey.

4. Don't get lost

You should keep the destination within your view.

5. Leave Breadcrumbs

Be the one that paves the road for future off-roaders. 




Two Audiences

Generally speaking, there are two audiences for this blog.

There's you (because you're reading this).

And there's me. 

I don't worry about finding my target demographic or saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. 

You're here because you want to be. If you don't, you'll leave and never come back. 

On the other hand, you may enjoy my perspective. In that case, I'm hopeful that you will check back here periodically. 

At the end of the day, though, this is all for me. I'm my best audience because of how writing makes me feel. 

My writing is cathartic, inspirational, and a great way for me remind myself of the importance of showing up.

I'll keep showing up here.

My other audience? Well, that's up to you. 


Making the Bed

After a great rest, it's natural to not want to immediately go out of your way to make the bed look pretty. 

The most common excuse is "I'm just going to be in it again tonight."

It's not about the bed looking nice, though.

It's about the routine. It's about sticking with a regimen that works.

When you don't make your bed when you know you should, you aren't following your own rules. You're letting yourself down without even knowing it.

This type of inaction is akin to landing a large client, receiving the first check, and overlooking the fact that you have a lot of work to do to make the project a success. 

Your bed is the client in this example. Don't let your bed down. 


The Self-Identification Option

Instead of calling a business and hearing an automated voice system you are forced to talk to, we should be able to quickly identify ourselves via established parameters. No, I'm not talking about "name" and "account number." The system should track my phone number, read my response time, already know that my younger age suggests a higher aptitude for technology, my historical engagement with the company, and most importantly, what I might be calling about. 

I'd rather wait on hold for 2 minutes if I know the system is reading the context of my situation than stumble through a series of pointless questions that ultimately result in a frustrated version of me pounded "0" to speak to a human.

Know me as a customer. Then personalize my experience. Anything else will always be too painful to even call about.


My New Content Tri-Fold

I operate much better under a strict regimen. Where another person might incubate their best ideas without constraints and routine, I like to know that I can get something accomplished when I expect to do so.

That's why you see so many episodic assets from me. I may not have kept up with all of them, but they're still exist. They thrive because I am able to establish the cadence and set an item on my calendar for it. 

You may already know about Ask Logan Lenz on LinkedIn, but I am hereby announcing that I will not only be revitalizing the Through the Lenz Podcast, but will also be publishing more video tricks for my LinkedIn audience. I'm calling the video series "Logan & Logout" due to its quick nature.

Here are the 3 rebranded designs that will be launching next week.

Through the Lenz Podcast.png

AR in the Sky

Air Craft is an innovative augmented reality company paving the way for the future of drone travel.

Check out the video below. The sky truly is the limit here.

A Seat at the Table

The chair was pushed out but always left empty. 

I wanted to leave, but the facts would prevent me.

All we ever needed was your presence.

Your ora, your charm, your essence.

They say the hardest part is showing up.

When you're just a kid, you don't quite know enough.

Everything is a risk; something you can calculate.

Do the math, think about it - evaluate.

Will and abilities are probably stronger than silly.

Perhaps that's why they call it probability.


November 2017

What's in store for November? Allow me to count the events below:

  • Nov 1: Facebook Earnings Call
  • Nov 1: Tesla Earnings Call
  • Nov 2: Digital Demo Day
  • Nov 6: Iron & Wine at the Culture Room
  • Nov 8: Hoodie Allen at Revolution
  • Nov 10: Alt-J at Fillmore Miami
  • Nov 12: Circa Survive & Thrive at Fillmore Miami
  • Nov 15: Love Never Dies at Broward Center
  • Nov 23: Thanksgiving
  • Nov 23: Turkey Trot
  • Nov 24: Sebastian Maniscalco at Broward Center
  • Nov 29: My twins' 2nd birthday!

There may be a trip to Disney World thrown in there.

And with baseball still happening every week, it's going to be a jam-packed month.

What do you have planned in November?


Happy Halloween

I rarely post photos of my family on here, but figured today was a good opportunity to share some Halloween pictures.


Finally, who can forget last year's family costume?


Happy Halloween, everyone! Stay safe out there.

Making Everything Newsworthy

It doesn't take a marketing ninja to promote a big brand's movements into supposed new frontiers. Amazon Key is a perfect example of a powerful company putting a few existing concepts together to call it a unique service.

It's weird enough to promote...

Let a stranger into your home!

But many smart lock owners have been doing this for Amazon deliveries, and their cleaning ladies, for years. It's hard for technologically savvy individuals to consider this product launch very "newsworthy." 

When you're a company like Amazon, you have the ability to brand everything. I can't knock them for taking advantage of something that obviously turns so many heads. I'm writing about it here, aren't I?

Red Rover

If the other side is willing to hear you, just ask them for what you want. This can come in the form of favors, products, people, and anything of value. That's why barter exists in the first place - value is rarely evenly distributed. Assets are being underutilized everywhere. 

To take the concept a step further, don't just ask for it. Go get it. 

It's alarming to me how many people still jump through hoops just to get to precious data. Why are you going out of your way to retrieve it? Have it come to you. 

Some may argue that having so many things come to you is too much of a distraction, but I see it differently. If you know you are going to need something at some time, it's like hailing a cab.

You wouldn't walk all the way across town to find your ride, would you?


It Happens... Eventually

I've talked about life being a series of countdowns in the past. Anticipation can be both good and bad. 

When we are afraid of something happening, stress and nervousness overcomes us, crippling us in fear.

When we look forward to something happening, we become excited and we constantly think about "how great it will be when...".

I realized something this week, though. It's so simple, but I never actually thought about it this way. 

The thing will always happen.

This lesson became tangible for me when driving on a long road trip. The thing was embodied between positive and negative. The negative was how far we'd have to drive, but the positive, the thing we were all looking forward to, was getting to our destination. 

No matter the emotion, regardless of the "thing" in question, it will happen.

Just give it time. 



I've become very interested in entropy. I know that sounds vague, but once I heard someone say this, I began to do a lot of research:

"Life is reverse entropy."

To think that we are cells moving unpredictably throughout ourselves and the Earth is a deep way to inspire yourself to get out there and make something happen. 

Let's not create chaos. Instead, let's create mechanical work we can all be proud of. 


Where the Brave Fear to Tread

The unknown. 

Not knowing masks confidence. Questions interfere with exclamations. 

The scariest part of the unknown is the dark blindness. There's no GPS. There's not even a path. It's strictly aimless wandering. 

Fear of the unknown can be defeated, but it requires a heaping scoop of one overpowering ingredient.


The infinitely curious's bravery goes unmatched in the face of darkness. Curiosity moves feet toward the darkness. Curiosity obtains the answers quicker. 


The Noun and the Verb

It's one thing to want to become a successful entrepreneur, but it's another to live through the process to get there. We are constantly being shown the excitement of freedom, choice, wealth, and success as an entrepreneur. Those messages, however, aren't accompanied by the realization that only hard work gets you to that point.

Thus, we want to be the noun without doing the verbs. 

While the success and freedom should be goals that become cherished privileges when obtained, let us not overlook that no one else is around to do the work. When you start out, you're the everyman. You're responsible for every single task. It's far from easy. It's not even fun most times.

As long as the work gets done, and you can outsource what you aren't good at if you have the funds to do so, you'll be primed for the success you've dreamed of. Just don't overlook the fact that all of that work still funnels back to you for review.





Our broken stature is never shattered

As our thoughts that are sadder become scattered

The one true thing that matters 

Is that you are not alone.

I can't help but feel helpless

When compelling the selfless seems selfish

I can not be the only one that has felt this

I know I'm not alone.

My brothers, let's bounce back, recover

Turn haters into lovers

Smother compassion on each other

So that we are not alone.

The pain will remain unexplained

Until a saint can complain his disdain

There's only one lane for the insane

Is it to be alone?

My nerve endings are bending 

While this blending of messages we're sending

Suggests that the friending is ending

But it can't

Because no one is ever alone.