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Sponsor a technology.

It's essentially the same as making an acquisition or an equity investment. 

The biggest difference is that your payment doesn't increase your liability. It only maintains the level of direct financial risk.

Consider Apple's recent announcement with Qi as an example. Wouldn't it have been much easier for Apple to acquire them? 

Perhaps it's not worth the brand risk if it fails. 

Your options are always open.


A Temporary Disruption

It has now been a week since my life has been uprooted by Hurricane Irma. After fleeing the state last Wednesday, getting caught in traffic, staying at hotels, and finally reaching North Carolina, we sought solace in Durham for five days. 

Meanwhile, over 6 million Floridians evacuated, businesses shut down, and the state prepared for the worst. 

There are still so many Florida residents without power. They've also announced that schools won't open again until next Monday. 

When all is said and done, the damage from Irma should not merely be measured by the visible destruction. It's the 7+ days of no work, the loss of power, the wear and tear of vehicles, and the emotional stress that amount to an unfathomable figure. 

The bright side? 

We're seeing the same generous humanitarian efforts as neighbors help neighbors, friends without power shack up with friends that do, and resources are being shared. 

If only we could come together in a similar way without requiring the damage first. It's something worth striving for. 



The first step in repair is survival. 

You must first do the bare minimum to build up to do the exceptional. 


State of Irmagency

Here I am - writing from a sunny North Carolina home while Hurricane Irma continues her trek toward South Florida. 

The last few days have been a lot to take in. When you have young kids to protect, the only word that ever matters is "safety." So we canceled our family trip, got in the car, and traveled north. It wasn't easy. Everyone else seemed to be doing the same thing. 48 hours later - here we are. 


I don't recall Florida previously requiring evacuation due to an oncoming storm. I remember Hurricane Andrew in 1992, but I was only 8 years old. I know my family didn't think about evacuating back then. 

To put Irma's threat into perspective, I recently stumbled on this size comparison with Hurricane Andrew.


At this point, all we can do is prepare and hope for the best. 

Stay safe out there.

Why is it So Hard?

There are usually two honest answers to this question:

  1. Because it's worth it.
  2. Because you care too much.

These two concepts juxtapose one another when it comes to taking action.

You'll almost always push through the pain or back down. Deciding to do neither is the only form of failure.

Frustration is a temporary pain that makes future decisions easier.

Just as long as you do something. 



As I get older, I only get better. 

It's reassuring to know that I view my life without regret. I've already accomplished most to all of my goals, fulfilled many dreams, and continue to thrive off of my own fulfillment and happiness. Looking at aging as an asset is a daily motivation.

Today I'm not one day older than I was yesterday but rather one day smarter

I'm only thirty-three, yet I have done so much. How much more value can I present to the world the next thirty-three years? 

Another reassurance... I know I won't be relenting anytime soon. 


The Perfect Strike

It's a beautiful pitch down the middle.

It's a mechanical release of the bowling ball from a hand.

It's a potentially very harmful attack during combat.

It's a peaceful display of beliefs against another party. 


September 2017

September is not only my birthday month, but it's also filled with some of my favorite annual traditions. I will be celebrating Labor Day, my birthday, traveling the world, and seeing a few of my favorite bands in concert.

So, what kind of events or projects are planned in September?

  • September 2nd: Kendrick Lamar at American Airlines Arena
  • September 4th: My Birthday
  • September 6th: Mutemath at the Fillmore Miami
  • September 6th: Slipknot movie screening
  • September 9th: Travel to Norway
  • September 19th: Mumford & Sons at American Airlines Arena
  • September 22nd: Lauryn Hill at Bayfront Park Amphitheater 
  • September 23rd: Arcade Fire in Coral Gables
  • September 29th: Mutemath at the Fillmore Miami
  • Every Saturday: Movie day with the family
  • Every Wednesday: Date night with the wife
  • Every Sunday: Baseball 

I'm also looking forward to tightening my daily regimen. That includes:

  • Wake up by 7am
  • Meditate every morning
  • Work out in the mornings (at least 10,000 steps + 100 pushups)
  • Take a cold shower daily
  • Bathe my kids every night
  • Read to my kids every night before bed
  • Eat vegan during the week

What do you have planned in September? 


It's pleasing to the senses when everything looks tidy. Disarray is stressful.

Yet, there is so much beauty in purposeful misalignment.

This observation can be compacted into something like...

What is beautiful to whom is not as beautiful to whomever. 

It's all an art, not a science. 


The Dream Isn't Enough

A young first-time entrepreneur emailed me the following...

"I'm having trouble finding investors. Am I asking for too much money?"

After reviewing the pitchbook, I responded with a simple question...

"Why don't you include pictures of the product you're selling?"

Her response was...

"I don't have enough money to create the prototypes, but my passion for what I am trying to do should replace that."

This is usually where I'd simply wish her the best of luck and move on. 

But for the sake of other entrepreneurs in a similar position, here's my message to you...

"If you don't have experience, a reputation as a founder, or traction in a market, you better have the most innovative idea and strategy to execute it on it in the world. Otherwise, you're too much of a risk. It's scary enough that you have no experience, but when you tell me you have no product and haven't made a single dollar, I can't help but cringe. That's simply not an investable scenario.

All businesses can be minimized to a 1-to-1 service model. This means, with a little additional hustle, anyone can obtain customers directly and service them. It sounds silly, but if your idea is the next Spotify music streaming app, offer to curate everyone you know's playlists for free. Guess what? - doing that just landed you your first customers.

There's way too much competition out there for anyone else to want to risk that much on you and your venture. Prove you're worth it. Do the work. Look passed the dream and start making things happen."


September Will Be Lots of 'Phone'

First I start hearing whispers of the new iPhone being released in a month. Then Android releases Oreo the following day. The mobile OS race continues to heat up (pun intended), and I'm enjoying every moment of it. 

I'll give Apple some credit. Potentially disposing of the 7S altogether is a bold move. After all, if you have the upgrades ready, why not release the better product? But I'm skeptical that they're not going to hit it out of the park with this one. Doesn't this whole thing seem a little rushed? - Especially after it was delayed.

I'll also give Google its fair share of credit. Not only is the ad for Oreo gorgeous, funny, and relevant, but bouncing back from recent hardware issues is no simple task. The fact that they're already creating buzz with the myriad of great new features proves they're in the race to win it.  

I'm also teetering between the two. I am, and always have been, an iPhone user. There is a Google-loving geek inside of me that gets jealous of Android customers, though. 

I can't wait to watch this market continue to unfold - especially since there are so many other potential competitors that can enter the space again. 

Sun(k) Costs

As droves of people purchased eclipse sunglasses to prepare for Monday's solar eclipse, vendors raced to meet the spiking demand. I'm waiting on the exact numbers, but just about everyone seemed to be purchasing a pair. 

It makes me think about the eclipse sunglasses market. The chart would look something like this:


Aside from a few gag purchases, this is a market that goes from zero to millions back to zero in the matter of weeks. 

Then my mind goes to the consumers that arrive home after experiencing the eclipse. Many will repurpose the glasses as a gag gift, makeshift 3D glasses, or save them for a potential Halloween costume as the members of Devo. 

If you're like me, you'll see them as worthless and throw them away. 

It would be very interesting to analyze garbage cans around the world this week. 


It's Not About the Glass

Is the glass half empty or half full? 

Instead of measuring our levels of optimism with this question, we should be measuring our ability to see passed the glass itself. 

To the thirsty, the glass is a thirst quenching drink.

To the dirty, the water can be used for cleaning.

The list goes on.


When You Put the Time In

I don't want to hear anyone complain about not earning the outcomes they're striving for without tangible evidence of the hours of effort they put in.

It's a simple formula.

The more FOCUSED time you put into a project, the better it will turn out. While not all project outcomes rely solely on effort, putting forth an undying effort leads to success more often than not.

This was made even more clear to me this weekend when I was searching online for a video for my kids. The search was simple... "moana medley acapella."

Lo and behold - these were the top 2 results:

Not only were my kids quiet and captive throughout these videos, but they even had me thinking "this requires a lot of work."

If you think of either of the above videos as a project, we're talking days worth of combined hours to get to this output. There's costume, makeup, editing, and the incredible fact that each of those squares requires the entertainers to sit through the entire song each time. 

Think about that for a minute.

These entertainers deserve the 3+ and 5+ million views, and I'm glad my search yields these are results rather than the expected official songs and videos from the movie.

Long story short - Incredible talent + Relentless effort can make you an exceptional asset that is much easier to be discovered.


It doesn't matter what's happening everywhere else...

Another wave will come crashing before you. 

And then another.

And another.

Even though we know each wave is coming...

It's hard to predict how large they'll be.

Or if they'll be playful.

Or violent.

Or surfable.

It all depends on what you were hoping the wave would do.

Or be.

After all, you did know it was coming all along. 


Freedom Over Status

I can't tell you the exact moment it happens, but it does. We all turn into adults and we begin to realize our newfound responsibilities. 

If you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up every few years growing up, these are some of the answers you would have received:

  • A baseball player
  • A drummer
  • A filmmaker
  • A music supervisor

For whatever reason, as children, we are almost hypnotized by those that we observe from a distance. And everyone we observed growing up was shown to us through television. 

It was the athletes, the actors, and the musicians that I wanted to be. And I'm not sure why.

As children, we don't see the other side of life. We don't cherish relationships, bask in peace, and thrive upon our abilities to do what we want. As adults, that's exactly what we do. And rightfully so.

While there are always going to be adults searching for fame and fortune, others like me, start to look through the array of obligation, to find the meaning of life. 

I began to realize what it all meant after I had children. It's the evolution toward the mentality that everything I do is for their future betterment. It's selfless, and it's everything. 

So I started to wonder about the opposite of fame and fortune. Because that's what I was starting to seek. I was realizing that all I want is more time with my family, stress-free work, and more freedom to make decisions. 

I quickly found that the more I simplified my life - less stuff, less meetings, less expenses, etc. - the better I felt. After all, none of that stuff matters. What matters most is my happiness and fulfillment. 

So here I am declaring success in my newfound ability to simplify my life. I don't overthink, I just do. I don't look ahead, I live in the moment. Most of all, I don't hope for something I don't want - because everything that I could ever want is already right in front of me. 


Irritation Trumps Inspiration

As creative humans, we are on the perpetual search for inspiration. We wait for events to happen; to bear witness to incredible accomplishments, or to simply look at other things from a different perspective. 

Inspiration isn't the answer, though. 

Whenever inspiration strikes, it should be the ignition for an even greater drive. 

Whatever it is that we're creating is often deeply rooted in a problem we are trying to solve. The best innovators in the world tend to scratch their own itch by alleviating their own troubles. When the pain point is actually felt by the creator, it's a constant reminder. The reminder serves as the much-needed inspiration. 

Keep solving problems. Doing that will inspire everyone around you. 


Thinking About Legacy

I've now written about this in three different places so I will keep this short. 

We should constantly be reminding ourselves about how we want to be remembered. If that doesn't motivate you to be the best person you can be, I, unfortunately, can't believe you want anything out of life. 

I not only published the 75th episode of "Ask Logan Lenz" answering a question about legacy, but I also repurposed my thoughts over on Medium.