I'm just a man that understands his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses.

I grew up a musician. I began playing the drums when I was four years old. Shortly thereafter, I found myself performing at reputable venues on the east coast at the tender age of eleven. My contingent performances allowed me to meet many important and wonderful people along the way. It was then that I fell in love with music, business and the freedom of working for myself.

After high school, I decided to attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando where I continued to meet many more important people. While I continued playing live shows and recording with bands, I decided to also take on the business side of the music industry. The change felt appropriate for I was studying Business at UCF. After a few years, I decided to launch my own talent agency and all-inclusive music company called “Endagon Entertainment.” To this day, the company sends independent bands on tours, books and promotes shows nationally, and helps to develop premature artists.

Throughout my performances in college, I fortunately stumbled across a friendship that would alter my perspective on life. One of my former bands took part in a UCF benefit concert called “Rock for Hunger.” I quickly evolved from an involved musician to the Treasurer and Board Member of the newly established not-for-profit company. Behind the relentless leadership of President Chris Goyzueta, the company has been supplying the homeless and less fortunate with food, education, and friendship since 2006. RFH is bound to make a difference both locally and globally and I am so proud to be a part of it.

As Endagon Entertainment grew, we began to sprout new legs underneath it. Endagon Innovations, a social media, SEO, and overall new media marketing company, began working on branding major corporations as well as musicians and bands. EI also is spawning its own internal innovations (hence the name) at this time.

Aside from all of my entrepreneurial endeavors, I am a glorified growth hacker, business developer, online marketer, product manager, client success specialist, writer, musician, instructor, speaker, performer and investor.